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Naughty New York

I thought I was a New Yorker, but then I opened this for the first time. Seriously, it is hands down the best idea book for going out on the town in New York. – Charlotte W.

Girls’ weekends in the city will never be the same. RAUCOUS good time – we started in the middle of the book with some shopping. 😉

I knew where to eat, where to shop, where to go out. Zero wasted time – nothing is more NY than that. – Jimmy C.


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Naughty Paris

My husband and I recently traveled to Paris with the Naughty Guide and a few other travel guides. After a day, we put away all the books but this one. I can’t wait to go again! – Nikki E.

I went to school in Paris like the author did, but never would have found half of the places Heather writes up. I thought I knew my old city, but now I’m closer. – Rick S.

En tant que Parisien, c’est ma Bible de date. Tellement de choses amusantes à faire avec mes amis. C’est beau! – Jean J.

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